An innovative marketing approach for evolving experts ready for a new measure of success – never sacrifice fulfillment and enjoyment for money again!

UnLaunch Pillars

#1 - Take a Stand

Own your Soapbox.

#2 - Sincere & Generous

Don’t be afraid to give your best stuff.

#3 - Choose Your Own Adventure

Match marketing strategies to your strengths.

#4 - Adapt

Evolve your message and timeline as you go.

#1 - Take a Stand

Own your Soapbox.

#2 - Sincere & Generous

Don’t be afraid to give your best stuff.

#3 - Choose Your Own Adventure

Match marketing strategies to your strengths.

#4 - Adapt

Evolve your message and timeline as you go.

The UnLaunch Incubator

This is not a learn it now and do it later or someday program

  • This is a learn it, do it, learn it, do it kinda program
  • Every week we will review what you create and give you feedback, so you keep going and know you are on the right track.
  • The end result will be your first of many UnLaunches

UnLaunch Framework

What is the UnLaunch Incubator?

The Incubator refers to a small curated group that creates their UnLaunch together while unlearning long-held marketing beliefs.

You create your UnLaunch with me as your partner and with my feedback and coaching every step of the way.  You also get the marketing mind of UnLaunch co-creator Erin Tillotson to ensure you nail your Adventure and Timeline.

After our 3 months together you will have a new way of getting out there and getting clients that you enjoy, and you can use this forever as you evolve and are inspired by new soapboxes and offerings. The UnLaunch approach is timeless.  

We will walk you through the UnLaunch Framework step-by-step from claiming your Soapbox & Declarations to the Choose-Your-Own Adventure Map.  

We are by your side the whole way from flowing with your Timeline creation, delegating to team member(s), leading your first Generous Interactive Event, having Authentic Strategy Session conversations and getting new clients.   

Along with the UnLaunch framework you get these key trainings and templates:


The Authentic Strategy Session (TASS) Training & Templates

(nickname: The UnStrategy Session)

  1. How to make a TASS Offer anytime, anywhere
  2. What key points to hit in the TASS Conversation so you are giving value and being transparent about the process
  3. How to create a custom set of screening questions to ask prior to getting on the phone so you can hit-the-ground-running  knowing you are talking to a qualified person.

The Generous Interactive Events (GIE) Training & Templates

(nickname: The UnWebinar)

  1. What to name it so it’s clearly a high-value event…for free
  2. How to structure the content to give value and position the TASS Offer
  3. Key facilitation tips & tricks to create interaction
  4. When and how to give your call to action

Cash Through Clarity (CTC) Marketing Message Program

  1. All the words that you will need for all of your marketing.
  2. How to claim your Ideal Aligned Client
  3. How to write Headline Questions of Attraction
  4. Communicating the outcome of your program with Juicy Benefits

Essential Marketing Templates

  1. Choose-You-Own-Adventure tool – create marketing that feels good, structured for your strengths and preference & easy to implement
  2. Marketing Templates to streamline writing, editing & implementation with your team
  3. Live Video Outline – a flexible structure for hosting stress-free live videos that create high engagement with your audience
  4. Examples from successful UnLaunch campaigns to inspire your creativity

Tech How To’s & Troubleshooting

  1. Receive hands on support during our Get Shit Done Sessions as you and your team build your UnLaunch
  2. Never wonder or second guess what technology is best for your business again
  3. Get feedback on your emails, graphics, opt in pages and more while you build your new marketing experience with us
  4. Wondering what team member you need to hire right now? We’ll help you identify what your unique needs are right now

This is a marketing method completely customized to suit you –
no more one size fits all system.

Everything on your terms.

You choose the time frame – a short two-week experience, a quarter or even a year-long plan.

Leverage your strengths and pick your preferences.


You will feel:

  • Fully expressed
  • Generous
  • Authentic
  • Like you are helping people, not just marketing
  • Confident you have a way, your way, to get out there

Let’s talk if you want to see if it’s a fit

You need to be ready to claim your expertise & take a stand  

  • We will see if you have a soapbox to fuel it
  • We will see if you are ready for a new way of BEING in your marketing and your business

You need to be ready to unlearn and stop what isn’t working for you

You need to be willing to invest in yourself and in your mission

It requires significant skin in the game – yes, we have payment plans to make it manageable.

When we talk we will determine if the ROI for the Incubator is available to you. 

For example:

  • Is not “getting out there” a significant way you are holding your mission hostage?
  • Do you have the necessary resources in place to implement? (This is not a done for you program.  This is a “teach you to fish” program.)
  • Do you have offer clarity?

I’m happy to talk with you even if you have a concern about the money.  At the very least you will know if you have a soapbox to fuel an UnLaunch and if you are ready let go of past shit that might be holding you back.

Do I need a list?

No, you don’t need a big list to do an UnLaunch. First of all, a list of any size will be maximized by this process. Even just 100 contacts. Your Generous Interactive Event or high-quality freebie will be your “list builder” or “Lead Magnet” and bring new people into your world. If you do not currently have any list at all, we usually see a need for utilizing social media or joint venture partnerships. So if you don’t have a list and also hate all social media platforms this may not be a fit for you.

Do I need a website?

No, you don’t need to have a full on, multiple page, beautiful website to do an UnLaunch. However, you will want to have a one page website utilized as an Optin page (sometimes called a Squeeze Page). This is used to invite new people not currently on your list to your Generous Interactive Event. This is something a Virtual Online Marketing Assistant can do.

Do I need a team?

Yes, we believe you will want implementation support. We recommend that even if you have done everything yourself up until now concerning your online marketing, that you will want to hire somebody to help you implement your UnLaunch Adventure Map & Timeline. This will allow you to enjoy your Soapbox and be in a more creative mode. And get going quicker.

Do I have to use social media?

No, you do not have to use social media unless you want to. You get to choose your UnLaunch adventure. However, even choosing one platform like LinkedIn would be enough. If you are a “no” for social media you will need to have some type of mailing list or joint venture relationships to help get the word out about your Generous interactive events.

How much is it?

Because this is a highly curated invite-only program, we do not discuss investment upfront. You will learn about that on your interview if it’s a match. However, we will say that it is a higher-end program limited to 10 people per Incubator, and we are open to creating payment plans.

The Unlaunch is NOT

An Old School Launch

Artificial urgency

Quantity vs. quality

Limiting access to create scarcity

Automation used to simulate intimacy

Rigid & scheduled

Over-produced & expensive

Push content & create noise